Two Things I Learned On Traffic And Weather Today

If you aren’t already familiar with Traffic and Weather, it is an extremely structured discussion between John Sheehan (Runscope) and Steve Marx (Dropbox), about "the latest API and cloud tools, news and technologies”.

Its not often I learn something new from the show (kidding), but today I learned about two new things:

Flask RESTful - Flask-RESTful is an extension for Flask that adds support for quickly building REST APIs. It is a lightweight abstraction that works with your existing ORM/libraries. Flask-RESTful encourages best practices with minimal setup. If you are familiar with Flask, Flask-RESTful should be easy to pick up.
Flynn - Flynn simplifies deploying and maintaining applications. Instead of using complex configuration management systems, Flynn allows self-serve management of containerized deployments, making life easier for ops and developers.

Its nice to hear more discussion about the evolution of deploying API resources and micro services, and the use of virtual containers from Docker, OpenShift and Cloud Formations—especially since its a topic Traffic and Weather and API Evangelist have discussed before. ;-)

Seriously though, they put on a good show, forward thinking API conversation, with lots of humor and not-so-funny humor mixed in. I always recommend listening when you have time, you might learn a thing or two about APIs along the way. 

Tip: If it sounds like the show is almost over, it is. Turn off the podcast.