API Evangelist Now Available In Portugese

The mission of API Evangelist is to increase awareness of APIs amongst not just the developer community, but also business, organizational, and government leaders around the globe. It is very important to me that as many people as possible read my API stories, and this is why I’m very pleased to hear that select API Evangelist stories are being translated into Portuguese, by my friends over at Sensedia.

Sensedia is an API management provider in Brazil, and asked if they could translate and re-publish my stories on their blog, for their customers. Of course! All of my stories are licensed CC BY 3.0, so you are more than welcome to republish, and extend the reach of my stories—with attribution, and in a professiona manner, of course!

I’ve also had requests from other providers in Spain, Germany, and France to syndicate stories from API Evangelist. If you have an API industry focused site or blog, feel free to republish my stories for your audience, and if you translate into another language, I would be happy to showcase here on API Evangelist. Thank you to Sensedia for helping spread my stories across Brasil.