Publish Your API Into The API Commons From APISpark

I’m still playing catch up on many of my stories from over the last month, and one of them is the ability to publish your API definition straight from your API deployment using APISpark. If you aren’t familiar with APISpark, it is a cloud-based API deployment service built on the open source RESTlet framework.

Using APISpark you can deploy APIs from existing Google Spreadsheets, machine readable files on Amazon S3, or directly from a fresh datastore. APISpark gives you all the control you need over generating your endpoints, securing and monitoring the resulting APIs—all without any programming or back-end infrastructure.

For me, the best part is that once you have your API deployed with APISpark, it automatically generates an API Commons manifest, and serves up the URL you need to publish into the commons.

It means a lot that APISpark understands the importance of publishing your APis to the commons, allow users to publicly showcase their API designs, acknowledging that API definitions should be interoperable, and licensed for re-use. Thanks for baking this feature directly into your API platform, and ensuring all your users play healthy role in the API economy.