Monitoring Your Resources Becomes Default With Google Developer Console

I’m not at Google I/O this week, enjoying some downtime in SoCal, but I am watching some of the news coming out of the event. One thing I noticed, was the addition of monitoring to the Google Developer Console, where Google is slowly working their StackDriver acquisition into their fast growing API driven, cloud development platform.

You have to request access to the new monitoring services, and Google will open up "Stackdriver's monitoring capabilities available to select Google Cloud trusted testers at no charge”. Wile Stackdriver is about monitoring your cloud infrastructure, it also provides granular level, API endpoint monitoring solutions that you can use to monitor the health of the API resources you depend on in your apps.

When Google makes a move to support a specific feature across its world of APIs, I take notice. Much like when Google adopted OAuth 2.0 across all APIs, I think their move to provide monitoring services, is a sign that monitoring of the resources you depend is going mainstream--something all web, mobile and Iot API resource providers need to have in place by default in 2014.