"An API For API Ideas"

I have a lot of ideas while being the API Evangelist. It just comes with the territory. I have an Evernote folder that I publish these ideas to, and some of them, like my Screen Capture API, I actually make a reality.

The other night while writing, Shadow API: Launching An API Before Someone Else Does, I went to add the Nebraska homestead record API idea to my Evernote, and I said, ENOUGH! I need a public place to store these ideas, and while I'm at it, I'll enable others to publish ideas there too.

What better way to allow collaboration around a content store or dataset, than a Github repository plus API. So I launched API Ideas, as an individual API project, on the API Evangelist Network. I allows me to retrieve, and add to a list of API ideas, all stored on Github, using a simple web API.

I’ll be evolving the API over time, you can engage with me on the roadmap, and see stories around the project on the updates page. It is just a start, and I will be adding a lot more bells and whistles, and improve search, as I have time.