Getting To Know Jørn Wildt For The API Craft 2014 Detroit Hypermedia Panel

I'm preparing for my hypermedia panel with Mike Amundsen (@mamund), Mike Kelly (@mikekelly85), Steve Klabnik (@steveklabnik), Kevin Swiber (@kevinswiber), Jørn Wildt (@JornWildt), and Markus Lanthaler (@MarkusLanthaler), at API Craft Detroit next week. I wanted to go into the panel with a snapshot, and at least a minimal understanding of each of the panelists. This is kind of an all-star panel of hypermedia experts, so I need to at least bump up my understanding of what they are contributing to the API space, and who they are, beyond what I know from my own interactions with these API leaders.

As I do with all of my research, I wanted to share my work with you, my reader. Next up is Jørn Wildt. I'm a fan of Jørn's conversations via API-Craft, but beyond that I know very little. I look forward to talking more at API Craft, and learning about his work through my research.

Here is the outline of my research into Jørn's work:

Jørn Wildt

Software developer with experience from web programming (C#, ASP.NET and PHP) - both web UI as well as RESTful web APIs, Windows desktop clients, SOA, asynchronous messaging, domain driven design, computer language design, compilers, formal verification. Some hobby experience with hardware, embedded systems and low level programming.

Title: Software developer at cBrain
Mission: Hard working father, coder by day, hacker by night, RC pilot when possible.



Mason is a JSON format for introducing hypermedia elements to classic JSON data representations. With Mason you get hypermedia elements for linking and modifying data, features for communicating to client developers and standardized error handling. Mason is built on JSON, reads JSON, writes JSON and generally fits well into a JSON based eco-system.




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I'm not posting all of this information just so I can share my research, it is also because Jørn has contributed a lot of work to the space, and the wider world needs to understand his contributions.. While I learned a lot through this process, I will also use it as a reference for my panel at API Craft, and for other stories I write in the future.

I've already added Mason as a tools in my hypermedia API research. I could spend days going through this research, but I also have 2 ther hypermedia API experts to profile, so I'm going to move on to the others, and come back to my profile of Jørn in the future to continue my own hypermedia education.