Expanding API Gateway Connectors Into A World of API Deployment Startups

I’m seeing an increase in the number of API deployment services this year, such as startups like StrongLoop and API Spark. These companies are looking to help all of us deploy APIs from common systems, often without the need for IT or programming resources.

The providers I’m seeing emerge are catering to some of the lowest hanging fruit for deploying APIs. The commonly used, and easiest to access systems, that contain the valuable content, data, and media we need to make accessible via APIs.

The common source for many of these API deploy solutions are:

These common information sources, represent the places where the average person in any size company, organization or government agency will be storing their valuable resources. It makes sense that this new wave of API deployment startups would target these services.

If you consider every system integration option that classic API gateways have delivered, it provides a good reference for finding opportunities for building independent API deployment solutions, that if done right, could be a startup all by itself.

Not all companies can afford a full API gateway solution, and their needs are too small for a gateway. There is an emerging opportunity to help people quickly deploy APIs from common sources like spreadsheet, database, file stores, as well as more unique sources like specialty CMS and CRM systems.

Sometimes I like to look at the expanding API universe as a result of the SOA big bang, where all the tools that were in your SOA toolbox, being liberated, and available as independent services that you can get from an increasing number of new API deployment startups.