One Possible Reboot Of The API Stack

I used to publish out a list of curated stories each week, and a listing of the top 25 APIs I was paying attention to during my regular monitoring of the API space to a site I called The API Stack. When i went to Washington DC last summer as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, I suspended that weekly ritual, and never picked up after my world got back to normal.

I’m still monitoring about 1000 companies, with over 2000 total APIs, and curating the stories--I just don’t take the time each week to publish them to The API Stack. In an effort to try and reboot the project, provide value to the API Evangelist network, as well as to you my loayal reader, I've republished a new reflection of my work at the Github project. Right now it just lists 819 of the companies who are doing interesting things with APis in 114 categories.

Over the next couple weeks I will be reviewing each of these 819 companies APIs, and as I validate them, I will publish more detail. You can search for General Services Administration (GSA), under the Federal Stack to see an example of this work in action. I link to each of the GSA APIs, across multiple domains, and include a machine readable API definition as well as interactive documentation generated from the definition.

The API Stack will continue to be a window into my API targeting and monitoring, and I will update regularly as I have time. I’m a firm believer that going forward, the API space needs to focus on the quality of APIs, and not just the number of APIs available, and The API Stack reflects this way of thinking, playing out in my own work.