The API Focused Dev Shop

I tag a lot of interesting companies that show up during my weekly API monitoring. When I see a tag go from 1 or 2, to over 5 companies--I take a closer look to see what is going on. An increase in the number of companies focusing in a specific area could be a trend, or it could be nothing.

The tag "API Agency" ticked over to 6 today, when I added Aquevix, an indian company that is focusing on API development. As of August 2014 I now have six separate agency style companies that I've found who have a focus on API design and development:

6 Companies
API Support

Developer Support Beyond FAQ, Forums and Documentation. First class support for your API. Processing an API request often means directly or indirectly interacting with 2 or more systems. Is your support team equipped with the necessary training, tools, information and support infrastructure to be successful? IT Assist helps you design and implement your API support strategy and infrastructure, offer training to your support team and as needed handle your developer support.


We are a small Independent software business specialising in the. Enhancement of existing software. We use standalone applications and APIs to extend the functionality of existing systems. Integration of separate systems. We connect disparate online SaaS applications together to create an integrated system. Automation of business processes. We convert manual menial tasks into automated business processes, reclaiming time and costs.


We design market strategies for companies looking to extend their APIs into digital partnerships. API Strategies to accelerate social and mobile content and digital partnerships. Big data asset definitions and valuations to define API approaches. API pricing and tier strategies to monetize data. Developer and partner outreach strategies to expand mobile success and "mash-ups”. Business model development for emerging start ups and matching them to enterprise clients and needs. Best practices to compete and win in the social, mobile, and big data marketplaces.


Aquevix is the go to company that can weave the abstract into a finished product. We are a software company that provides innovative, business solutions worldwide. Need an API? We got you covered. We provide full REST/JSON based API implementation and related apps with best practices! We are capable of developing highly specialized APIs that integrate seamlessly with powerful apps and increase overall performance of applications.

Blue Jazz Consulting

Blue Jazz Consulting is focused on guiding product companies from idea to revenue using Ruby and Rails and Java-based technologies. Based in Austin,TX, we bring experienced professionals and a history of successful projects to the community. We offer expert consulting services for existing products and early-stage startups. We offer expert consulting and development in software architecture, specifically on the backend requirements of complex B2C and B2B applications. We love to model, design, and build web and mobile APIs to ensure that your business capabilities can be consumed successfully by internal developers, devices, and third-parties using a Ruby or Java platform.


At Stateless we employ our specialist experience, design processes and tools to ensure our clients realise the most value from their APIs. We're making the world of APIs beautiful.We work with you to surface the business goals for the API. We decide on the metrics to measure and track. These will help in understanding whether we are achieving our goals. We create developer personas to represent the various types of consumer, and a roadmap to deliver features tailored to them. We offer engineering and product management resources delivered using the best modern processes and tools. We employ Lean practice by tracking important metrics and constantly feeding that insight back into the live roadmap. We provide technical writers, and use the latest tools and techniques to interlace your test suite and your documentation.

We'll see how many more dev shops I find in the next couple months. Sometimes when I start focusing in a new area I will find more companies working in the same area, purely because I'm looking harder, and sometimes it takes time for things to actually heat up.

As I'm looking at local Chicago web and mobile development shops during the lead up to API Strategy & Practce in Chicago next month, and I'm learning that many small shops like SYDCON and Blaze Portfolio are using APIs, they just havn't shifted their marketing and web site content to reflect the evolution.

It won't take much for many of these web and mobile development shops to standardize their API design and development services, much like the evolution we saw occur from web to mobile development, shifting the focus of the small dev shop to better serve a growing demand for API design, and development. I think by 2015 I'll see over 50 development shops, who are heavily focused on API design and developmennt in my API tracking system.

P.S. I REALLY like the API Chappies, and Mike @ Stateless is the freak'n man!