The Expanding API Conference Landscape

As I’m riding the build up for APIStrat in Chicago, and preparing for I Love APIs in San Francisco, and the API 360 Summit in DC, I can’t help but think about how busy the API event scene is getting—in 2014 there are 14 separate conferences focused on the world of APIs.

In the beginning there was just Gluecon, Defrag, and the Business of APIs, then 3Scale and API Evangelist got together and started planning for @APIStrat, then immediately API Days happened, Nordic APIs came on the scene, API-Crafta  grew beyond just Meetup, and before you know we have 14 separate events.

I’m going to be biased here, because @APIStrat is my baby, and I’ve been involved in supporting API Days since day, so these two events will always have a special place in my heart. Even with this I believe in interoperability in the community and I am working to support all of the events equally, so if you are organizing make sure and reach out.

You can find me at I Love APIs in a couple weeks in San Francisco, as well as at API 360 in Washington DC the same week, and of course @APIStrat in Chicago at the end of September, and Nordic APIs in October. Unfortunately we messed up in planning @APIStrat, and made it at the same time as REST Fest, which seriously pissed me off—so I won’t be attending REST Fest yet again this year. :-( This is part of the reason I'm putting together this research, so I don't make this mistake again.

As with the rest of my work, I setup a Github repo, and website to give me a single place to aggregate information on API events. I will do my best keep up to date, for my own education, but I am also looking to help you understand each of the events, the organizers, sponsors, speakers, and also who is attending. As I have time I will aso add a section for API Meetups, so we can keep tabs on the smaller API gatherings that are going on in various cities around the globe.

If you’d like to participate in one of the conferences listed as a speaker or sponsor let me know, I’ll hook you up with the organizer. If you’d like to organize a meet up in your town, or you would like to bring in guest speakers from the outside API community, let me know as well—no guarantees, but I will see what I can do.

As with the rest of the space, I will do my best to keep my API events research up to date, and as with the rest of my research, feel free fork and contribute where you can—I need all the help I can get!