Adding Separate Page For My API Stack APIs

I have been slowly producing my own stack of APIs, which I'm putting under The API Stack brand. My goal with each of these APIs is to do one thing, and do it well, then package up the server side code, API definition, and publish as its own standalone Github repository. 

I have an Evernote full of ideas for APIs, and I'm seeing plenty of great API designs that I could easily emulate from the rest of The API Stack. As I have time, I will deploy each of my API designs as an API Stack API, eventually looking to build a robust stack of utility APIs.

To support this I've separate out my APIs here into two separate pages, my core APIs, which will provide access to content across the API Evangelist network, and my stack APIs which will all be the modular, API Stack designs. 

When I'm done deploying any new design, and I feel it is ready for primetime, I will list here for every to check out and play with.