Extract Knowledge From Audio And Video Using The Clarify API

I’ve been tracking on a growing number of video, and voice enabled APIs lately, and one that is continually popping up to the top of my API monitoring list is Clarify.

The description Clarify provides on their docs page is pretty concise:

The Clarify API provides a RESTful API to extract knowledge from audio and video content

Why is Clarify popping up on my list lately? There are a number of things that will cause an API related company to show up on my radar, but Clarify has several things going for it lately:

  • Branding Shift - Recently they migrated from being Op3nVoice, which I didn’t think wasn't that hard to spell, but I know that many people would have trouble with, to being Clarify—which is a cleaner brand.
  • Hypermedia - Clarify is an extremely well designed API which employs HAL, and hypermedia JSON format for al API responses.
  • SDK Writing Guide - They provide an SDK writing guide for anyone looking to develop SDKs for Clarify, making sure they are consistent from language to language.
  • Story on Helper Libraries - Clarify produced a great blog post called "SPOIL your Users with Great Helper Libraries", which I added to my curation, and stories around API management.

I’m tracking on 15 separate APIs as part of my voice API research, and 18 as part of my video API research. These are fast growing spaces, and the problem of delivering indexable meta data alongside audio video is only going to increase, something startups like Clarify is looking to provide an API driven solution for.

Now that @APIStrat in Chicago is over, I'm going to take the video from the conference, and run through Clarify, to get a feel for how the API works, and see first-hand the value it adds to my existing audio and video content.

Clarify is a well designed API, and now that they've found their footing with their new brand, I predict Clarify will be one of those high value APIs like Twilio and SendGrid, that we are all talking about, and showcasing when it comes to how to do API right.

Look for more stories on Clarify as I get time to process the @APIStrat content.