Swagger Visualization Layer Using D3.js

I'm just going to keep putting my ideas out there, so that y'all will build what is needed for the API space. In support of my API design tool, and my interactive API documentation tool, I want a Swagger generated visualization layer for APIs, using D3.js.

I’m envisioning a whole marketplace of visualizations I can choose from, driven from various popular APIs like Twitter, Crunchbase, OpenCorporates, and much more. There are number of proprietary data visualizations tools emerging out there (I’m watching you), but what I'm looking for is specifically an open solution using D3.js.

I don't have a problem if there are premium layers, and features that are driven by commercial APIs, or there being added charges for API consumption in general, but I want the visualization, and underlying JSON to be open and configurable—encouraging access and re-use.

It can be tough to help people understand just exactly what an API is, and I feel like an open visualization layer using D3.js, driven from Swagger would be one of the quickest ways to help people understand exactly what value an API can deliver.