The Expanding API Universe: More API SDK Focused Services Emerge

I'm beginning to see just about every building block in the design, deployment, management, and integration of APIs evolve into individual startups who are looking to provide services to the API sector. I wrote about Apimatic a few months back and how they are focused on generating high quality SDKs from machine readable API formats like Swagger and API Blueprint.

This last week I was introduced to another provider, Magnet, and their rest2mobile service which will “generate mobile native code for REST services”. Magnet has chosen to focus exclusively on mobile SDKs, where Apimatic is focused on web and mobile SDKs. I consider web SDKs one building block, and mobile SDKs another building block, and companies should evaluate their need for them side-by-side, something service providers like Apimatic and Magnet are looking to assist with.

As the API universe continues its expansion we will see more API services like these emerge who are focused on helping API providers better deliver the building blocks of their API platforms. I will keep tracking on the common building blocks of API design, deployment, management and integration, and continue to showcase interesting companies stepping up to provide services that deliver the valuable building blocks the space needs to operate.