Some Examples of API Integration Pages In The Wild

One pattern I'm seeing emerge on some of the API platforms I’m watching from week to week are integration pages, showcasing the other 3rd party services than an API has integration with. An integration page is similar to an application showcase, but instead of showing apps build on an API, you are showcasing other platforms that are already integrated with.

A recent one that I’ve seen out in the wild is from web development annotation platform Usersnap, showing the platforms they connect to:

The second I came across was from OpsGenie, the alerts and notification platform, showcasing all of the common platform they work with:

I’m going to add an integrations page to my list of API management building blocks for API providers to consider. An integration page can showcase a wide range of integrations that introduce reciprocity into platform operations. Integrations could start with using Zapier, but could also be seamless, providing plug and play connectors for users. I would say integrations goes right up to what I call platform development kits (PDK), which would be open source code that developers could use to get up and running on 3rd party platforms.

If you don't have any existing integrations to showcase, I recommend spending some time and figure out the top 5 platforms that would complement the value delivered by your API, and get to work integrating. Existing API integrations are great for stimulating the imagination of developers, as well as provide ready to go solutions for non-developers--either way an integrations page will help onboard new API consumers.