I Will Review Your API On API Evangelist if You Add An APIs.son File Plus A Machine Readable API Definition

I've been crafting Swagger 2.0 definitions for many of the leading APIs i track on lately, and to help alleviate my pain and suffering, I’m willing to write about your company if you write your own Swagger 2.0 spec. I’m sorry, this is really important work, but it can be very grueling detail work, and I'd really like your help!

If you send me a 80% complete Swagger 2.0 specification, or for that matter, an API Blueprint or RAML specification, I will review your API efforts on the API Evangelist blog. I'm pretty adamant that all APIs today should have a machine readable definition in a popular format like Swagger or API Blueprint, as well as each API developer program possessing an APIs.son index of all of their APIs, including a reference to the machine readable API definition.

I’m determined to hand craft machine readable Swagger specs for the best APIs out there, and in time I will do this, but I could really use the help of API providers as well. Send me a link to your Swagger spec, and I’ll make sure a story gets into my story queue. I would add a disclaimer, that you need to make sure your API offers value, and your overall effort is thoughtful, otherwise I may call you out on some things. :-)

Once we get to a point where all APIs have a machine readable definition, we will start seeing entirely new opportunities around API design, deployment, management, integration, and discovery. I'm determined to bootstrap the work that will help us get to this point, but damn, I sure need some help. Tweet at me, or feel free to email me a link to any machine readable API definitions that you know of. #thanks