Join Me Tomorrow For A Panel Discussion On API Ecosystems At SF MusicTech

You can find me in San Francisco tomorrow, at the Kabuki Hotel for SF MusicTech. I'm moderating a panel, dubbed “API Ecosystem”, where I will be talking APis with Antti Silventoinen (@Lamantiini) of Music Kickup, Justin Woo (@jzwoo) of PayPal / Braintree, Steven Willmott (@njyx) of 3Scale, and Bill Hajjar from Senzari.

I'm planning on walking the panelists through the world of API design, development, management, and focus on API monetization, but I suspect that we'll keep things pretty  relevant to the experience, and diversity we will have present on stage. There is  a healthy mix of music industry focused providers like Music Kickup, and Senzari (aka Music Graph), but also API architecture provider 3Scale, and payment API pioneer Paypal / payment API startup Braintree.

You can catch the panel tomorrow at 2PM, in the spring room. Let me know if there is anything you'd like me to discuss with Antti, Justing, Steven, and Bill, during the panel. I’ll be hanging out at SF Music Tech all day, and of course drinking beers in SF tomorrow evening--let me know if you want get together and talk APIs!