Adding New Section For My Sixteen Basic API Templates

As I build out new APIs for use across my systems, as well as map out the landscape of valuable API resources available today, I'm working to define templates that other API providers can follow when designing and deploying their own API infrastructure. I've accumulated 16 basic templates, prompting me to add a new section to the website called templates.

These projects represent the templates I've established through my existing research, and will add other templates as they come off the assembly line. These API designs aren't mean to be the perfect solution for production environements, but to be seeds for new conversation around APIs, as well as providing a basic pattern you can use to start your own development.

Each API is functional, and has its own Github repository for storing of a Swagger definition, Swagger UI Interactive Documentation, as well as the server side code that I will open source with each template. As I move forward each template, I will publish changes to their repos, as well as maintain a roadmap via each projects Github milestones. 


This project is a template actions API, mean to demonstrate what is possible with an API. My intention with template APIs is to help onboard folks with new ideas for APIs, and this is one in particular is meant to kickstart the conversation around having a public or private actions API.