Join Me For APIDays Berlin And APIStrat Europe This April 24th-25th 2015

Here we go again. If you were in Chicago for APIStrat this September, then you know we are planning to have the next edition of APIStrat in Berlin, this spring. This round 3Scale and API Evangelist are partnering with APIDays to deliver two days of API talks at the Humboldt Carré, the Conference And Event Centre on Gendarmenmarkt, April 24th and 25th, 2015.

I learned a lot attending APIDays Berlin earlier this year, and I am looking forward to continuing the conversation in 2015, APIStrat style. Our speaker lineup includes Mandy Waite, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud PlatformChris Taggart, CEO of OpenCorporates; and Max Harlow from the Guardian Open Platform.

Of course we need sponsors to make the conversation happen. APIDays and APIDays can’t make it all happen alone. We have some great sponsors who've stepped up early:


Make sure and contact us at [email protected] to help support the conversation, in Berlin. And like our APIs, APIStrat is powered by 3Scale.

Without the 3Scale team, APIStrat wouldn't happen. As we prepared for the launch of the APIDays Berlin & APIStrat Europe 2015 website, I was reminded that this is the 5th edition of APIStrat, and I think the 8th edition of APIDays, and I can feel that the API space is significantly picking up momentum going into 2015.

I think Germany, and Europe has a very important role to play in helping stabilize, as well as grow the API industry in a sensible, secure way that respects the privacy of the people who are using the apps that are built on the of APIs we are seeing deployed. This is the conversation we will be having in Berlin this spring, and I hope to see you there.