A Refreshing First Impression When You First Land In The Etsy API Area

by Kin Lane, API Evangelist Twitter LinkedIn Github Email

When you first land on any API developer landing page, the impression you get, can be one of the most important aspects of on-boarding with an API that I know of. More time than not, I'm pretty confused when I land on the landing page of APIs, being forced to look for what I need to get up and running with API what an API does, and how I will have to integrate with it.

Anytime I come across an API landing page, where I'm immediately given the best possible first impression I can image, I have to showcase. This just happened while taking another look at the Etsy API, which I found refreshingly simple--yet complete.

Everything on the Etsy API developer landing page has a purpose in assisting me during on-boarding with the Etsy API. To better understand this in action, let's look at the handful of essential API management building blocks available on the Etsy home page.

When I land at etsy.com/developers/, immediately I’m given a Flexible Messaging Area (FMA), telling me what is possible! It is not just one simple message, as I advocate for constantly, it is a slideshow of multiple, simple messages. #winning

What Does The API Do?
Beyond understand what the Etsy API does in 250 characters or less, I get a prominent link to the API documentation, discussion around the API, and the terms of use for the API—-BOOM, everything I need. Way to give me exactly what I need so far to get up and running, while also getting out of the way.

How Do I On-Board With An API?
Next, there is a pretty clear blue highlighted box, that helps me understand the connection between my Etsy seller account, and registering as a developer. I’m given what I need to register as a developer, and also configure my Etsy shop for proper integration.

Do I Actually Need To Integrate Myself?
After than, I’m asked if I am look for Etsy App? Maybe that is all I need. I don’t actually need to integrate with Etsy myself, I’m look to see if the integration I need has already been done. I just need an application to meet my needs—nice use of an application showcase Etsy.

Work At Etsy - See current openings!
I’ll let you in on a little secret. API ecosystem are often used for talent acquisition. shhhhhh!!! So, Etsy having a section on the home page about working at Etsy, just makes sense. If you are finding yourself in the Etsy Developer area, you are probably a little more curious than the average visitor, and quite possibly someone that Etsy might consider hiring.

Storytelling: Code As Craft
I’m a loyal fan of Etsy’s Code As Craft blog, so I’m not going to knock the fact that their home page blog widget isn’t performing as expected. I’m guessing normally I would see the last 3 posts from the blog, which in my opinion is essential operations for ANY API landing page. I’m sure the Etsy one will be up and running as normal shortly. ;-)

Everything I Need To Keep Me Connected To The Entire Etsy Platform
Providing a complete picture of platform operations is essential for any online service provider. When I’m on your main website, I shouldn’t have to work to hard to find your API or developer area, and vice versa, I do not want to have to work to get back to the main website, and other sections of a site. Etsy provides what I need to search and browse Etsy, and register or sign into my primary account—directly from the API developer area.

What started as a pretty straightforward review of an API--routine going back through my list of APis I monitor--ended up being surprisingly good first impression of an API, I've been to several times before.