API Evangelist In 2015

In 2015, I will enter the 5th year of API Evangelist. To quote one of my favorite bands--“What a Long Strange Trip Its Been”. I couldn’t be more thankful for the career choice I made in 2010, and extremely grateful for the partners, and loyal readers I’ve established along the way.

This list is very long, but I have to specifically call out 3Scale, and their support of what I do, without them API Evangelist wouldn’t be happening, I wouldn’t be doing my research, and open projects like APIs.json, and API Commons wouldn’t exist—additionally we wouldn’t be having the @APIStrat conversation that 3Scale makes happen.

I’m not a big year end wrap-up or predictor type of guy, but this doesn’t mean I do not spend a lot of time reflecting this time of year. I honestly don’t feel like anything has changed for me, I’m just as dedicated to my API Evangelist in 2015 as I ever have, and here is what I’m focusing on:

  • Storytelling - Telling stories on my blogs about what the smartest people in the space are doing with APIs.
  • Research - Researching how APIs are impacting a variety of industries, government, and even our personal world.
  • Universities - I am convinced that the next generation workforce needs to be digitally literate to be successful.
  • APIStrat & API Days - Helping facilitate the important tech, business, and political conversations that happen at APIStrat & API Days.
  • APIs.json - Encourage the use of APIs.json to assist in API discovery, and enable the assembling of the next generation API stacks.

While there is a lot more going on, this is my primary focus, and what you will find me doing most of the time in 2015. I will be seriously cutting back my travel, to focus on my research and storytelling. You can find me at APIStrat and API Days events, and at Defrag and Gluecon, but beyond that I feel the biggest impact I make is keeping up with the space, telling stories, and publishing research that folks can use.

When it comes to predictions, I’m in alignment with 3Scale (once again). I think their list of 2015 API predictions is very pragmatic, and provides a healthy view of what 2015 will look, where the most important thing that happens this year, is the steady, healthy growth of the API sector.