Using APIs To Help Achieve A More Owner-Controlled Internet of Things Experience

A blog post that caught my attention recently was Fuse, Kynetx, and Carvoyant, by Phil Windley (@windley). Phil is pushing the boundaries of connecting devices to the Internet, and is very vocal about his thoughts on the subject—something I support 100%. If you want a taste of what Phil is thinking, check out his keynote from APIStrat Chicago 2014.

His blog post is a worthy read, but what really caught my attention was in the last paragraph—the simple statement that he is:

“using Fuse as a means to explore how a larger, more owner-controlled Internet of Things experience could be supported”

I’m intrigued by this concept, and feel it reflects my mission with API Evangelist, where I’m looking to create not just a more educated and informed API providers and consumers, but also a more knowledgable, and empowered end-user.

The concept of a owner-controlled Internet of Things experience is something I will be keeping an eye on as I continue to be inundated with Internet of Things API stories. My goal is to better understand how IoT devices are being designed, and deployed, then provide some assistance in how we can ensure platforms lean towards a more “owner-controlled experience”.