The Logo Page Over At The MYOB API Is Very Helpful

I spend a significant portion of my day looking for company logos, for use in the API stories I tell. When I come across a proper implementation of a logo page, one of the business building blocks I recommend employing, I have to showcase it.

I got an email from my friend and fellow API evangelist Keran McKenzie (@keranm) about updating the listing for the MYOB API on my API Stack. He sent me a better description, and a couple of new links that I didn’t have, including a link to their logo page.

One thing that I think is particularly interesting about the MYOB logo approach, is that they offer an assortment of designs:

  • Corporate Logo - The MYOB name and logo represent the MYOB business and is protected by copyright and trademark laws.
  • Developer Logos - The MYOB Premium Developer Logo is reserved for the exclusive use of MYOB Premium Developer Partners. 
  • Add-On Logos - The MYOB Certified Add-On logo is exclusively available to Add-Ons that have completed the MYOB Add-On Certification process. Product Logos - A full collection of product specific logos.

First, a logo page is essential in assisting the media, and other folks like me, who will be talking about your services, be more successful. Second, their assortment of logos, shows MYOB has a well thought partner framework, that encourages developers to work hard, obtain premium status, and build certified add-ons.

A logo page, with a rich set of, well-planned embeddable logos, and other images, is an important API management building block that tends to also be a signal of APIs who have their operations in order.