Migrating My Own API Infrastructure Conversations To My Personal Blog And Keep API Evangelist About Mainstream Stories

After seeing the conversation around my In The Future There Will Be No Public vs. Private APIs, I'm reminded of my own mission. I write on API Evangelist first and foremost for my own education, and secondarily I do it to help educate the normals about the importance of APIs. Not page-views. Not to educate the API echo chamber. Not to drive conversation over at DZone or Hacker News. Definitely not to insult anyone.

That story was me working through my own service composition, and looking at one possible future. That exchange you hear in the story, and all my stories, is the conversation between the voices in my head, and is never mean to insult anyone (think Michael Keaton in Birdman). All of this has reminded me that API Evangelist is not about cutting edge stories, like the unproven stuff I'm doing with my own API architecture, docker and microservices. However it is critical that I still flush out my ideas, in my own way, so I'll move these stories to my personal blog kinlane.com.

As I re-read that post, I’m faced with the link-baity title, which was not crafted with that intent, and the error and brevity in one statement that was singled out and ultimately fueled the conversation. I’m always happy to see conversation stirred, but not in the way it was around David’s post. It is ridiculous that I would allude to privacy being gone from the conversation around APIs (really?), but ultimately I was pleased to see most people make the same argument that I was having in my own head.

I’m super thankful for having APIEvangelist.com, and my readers. It makes it possible that to bring in the little bit of money I do from 3Scale, Restlet, and WSO2, to pay my rent, and fund my research and learning. I’m also thankful for moments like this that help me remember why it is that I do this, and stay true to my API Evangelist mission.