Weekly API.Report For February 20th, 2015

Swagger is now Open API Definition Format (OADF) -- READ MORE

I have been inspired by my partner in crime Audrey Watter's (@audreywatters) approach to her weekly news on Hack Education, and will be trying to revive the weekly ritual for API Evangelist, something that I'm going to call the Weekly API.Report. I work to try and post API related news on API.Report each day, but my new Weekly API.Report is looking to to capture my news curation for the week. 

The Weekly API.Report represents the best of what I've read throughout the week, and is only what I personally felt should be showcased. Each news item comes with a link, and some thoughts I had after curating the piece of API related news. I'm trying to break down stories into as coherent buckets as I can, but it remains something that is ever changing for me, but ultimately I will settle on a clear definition for each of the research areas. 

I've seen agriculture related API efforts, but with two in one week, I may have to dive deeper:

Analysis is an area, I'm going to shave off my larger data API pie, and try to make better sense of how APIs are used for analysis:

The area of API design, is one of the most important conversations going on right now:

I am always looking for innovative new ways to evangelise APIs:

LucyBot is duplicate from above, but I think their approach represents an important API integration evolution as well,  adding to the fast growing list:

I thought this was an interesting peek into how Microsoft is looking at API driven architecture:

The banking API conversation is growing rapidly, and something I think you will see a lot in weekly news:

As the space matures, certification is becoming more important for API ecosystems:

I am stoked to see the growth in open data and APIs usage across city government:

A number of cloud related API stories this week:

Another notable, public story of APIs from the construction space:

  • Constructech – Data Collection in Construction - I have to take note of interesting API usage in new and important industries like construction. I know APIs are common in the space, but you do not always see it discussed publicly. Shows some change in construction space.

I predect container stories will be in here every week, whaddya think?

It feel a little bit of hope with the growing number of stories thinking critically about the Internet of Things:

Nothing is safe in our scary new world of cybersecurity:

I get overwhelmed by the number of data stories, but think it is an important parallel to the API conversation:

Documentation is a critical area of API management, and there were some interesting conversations this week:

Tracking on the might enterprise, and how they see the API space, and how API platforms are working to court the enterprise:

Good stuff going on high up at the federal government level:

Some more blips on the financial and market portion of the API economy:

A pretty big milestone hit this week with HTTP getting fully baked:

A pretty important move forward for hypermedia, and the world of API definitions:

  • Utilising API Blueprint in API Clients—Apiary Blog - This is an important step for Apiary and their API blueprint format, but also for API definitions overall. They are adding in a hypermedia layer, the first of the formats to do so. I am still working to understand, and will be covering more.

Great story from Jerome over at Restlet about the intersection of API and IDE:

Another move in the insurance API sector, moving me closer to establishing deeper research:

The dizzying amount of Internet of Things stories I was exposed to this week:

Only two microservices stories I felt needed showcasing--another area that I predict will be in each weeks news:

  • A Microscope on Microservices - Another awesome look into Netflix operations, and diving down deep into how their microservices work. I do not think everything Netflix is doing applies to wider space, but there are huge amount of items to dissect and apply in our own approaches. 
  • An Outside View on Microservices : Agility and Scale - When it comes to understanding microservices and containers Iron.io is one company to watch. They are consistently doing important work at scale, and telling the story about it publicly, which is very important to the evolution of the space.

Some pretty strong movement forward when it comes to mobile:

A reminder that when I cover API monetization, it isn't always something positive:

A unique view of music, and something unique enough, I felt the API space needed to hear about it:

Interesting study around the reach of tech patents:

Payments continue to be a very fast moving layer to the API space:

Lots of important privacy discussions this week:

Real-Time, and look who is leading...Microsoft:

A handful of interesting reciprocity news:

Tracking on the politics of APIs, and specifically regulation:

Security, another growth area in 2015:

Significant state government movement, along with other government APIs:

The fast moving API visualization area, is something I can get behind:

This first Weekly API.Report was about 8 hours worth of work for me, in addition to the regular API news curation I do each week. Next week should be easier, as I built some tools to help me. The hard work now is to prioritize the Weekly API.Report each week, providing a regular account of what I've curated.

This post has helped me better absorb what happened this week, something I hope I can achieve each week. I have this same data going back to 2013, as I've been doing the work each week, i just stopped publishing a weekly post when I went to work in Washington D.C. as a Presidential Innovation Fellow--I just got too busy.

Next up for me, is to generate a short summary, and do a companion email newsletter for the Weekly API.Report--stay tuned!


Updated November 27, 2015: Links were updated as part of switch from Swagger to OADF (READ MORE)