The Swagger Spec Is Reborn As Open API Definition Format (OADF) After Being Put Into Open API Initiative (OAI)

We reached another significant milestone in the API space today, after being acquired by SmartBear this spring, the Swagger specification is being moved into a Linux Foundation grouped called the Open API Initiative (OAI).

SmartBear has been working with the core group of vendors including 3Scale, Apigee, Capital One, Google, IBM, Intuit, Microsoft, PayPal, and Restlet over the summer to hammer out the details of the organization, and the charter that drives the group forward.

Its no secret, I am a pretty big support of the specification, and happy to see it be reborn, within the community driven group, as a community driven open spec. I’m looking forward to continuing my development of interesting things on top of the OADF specification, and telling stories about what the community is building as well.

If you have a cool tool or service that you have built on the spec, make sure and let me know, so I can share the story with my network.