Ask The Stack When You Need API Support

I was profiling the video sharing API Dailymotion the other day, going through their developer area and profiling their API operations. One of the things I do as part of the profiling of any company, is checkout how they execute their support.

Dailymotion employs two very common building blocks for their platform support, including an API specific Twitter handle, and good ol fashion email—both pretty proven approaches. However Dailymotion also employs a third aspect to thier API support, by recommending you head over to Stack Overflow for some community support.

Using Stack Overflow in this way is not that original, I see numerous API providers doing this, the part I found interesting was their reference to getting Dailymotion API support via Stack Overflow as, "ask the stack!" I like that, I think it reflects what Stack Overflow is to the API developer community, and was an elegant way to send API developers off your site, to get the support they need.