Slowly Adding The People Layer To The API Evangelist Network

I'm adding a new layer to my monitoring of the API space, what I consider to be the people layer of the API Evangelist network--the actual people who are executing on much of what I talk about, across my research, and storytelling. This is all born out of the network of people I already talk to regularly, to get the stories, and details for the research that I publish regularly.

I have been tracking on many of the doers of the space for a while, behind the scenes, and this is just about exposing a select handful of individuals who can help you with some of the areas I discuss in my research and storytelling.

Up until now, my research has been about showcasing:

  • News
  • Companies
  • Tools

All I’m doing now is exposing some of the people who are doing interesting things as well, and are open to being contacted about their work, and discuss how you can potentially tap their expertise to help you achieve your API objectives. Over the next couple weeks, you will see me start listing individuals who are open to helping out in the core areas I research:

  • API Design
  • API Deployment
  • API Management
  • API Discovery
  • API Integration
  • API Evangelism
  • API Monetization
  • API Security

I already showcase companies in many of these areas, and track on the features, or building blocks employed to deliver products and services they offer, all I’m going to do now is provide more information on individuals who can help execute in these areas as well. Along the way you will also find me showcasing specific companies and tooling as well--API Evangelist partners like 3Scale, WSO2, and Restlet, but also other products I’m personally invested in like APIs.json, and the companies, and tools I use daily like Swagger, API Blueprint, APITools, API Science, and Runscope.

After five years of doing this, I’m trying to understand what scale looks like for API Evangelist. My objective is to keep funding my research, producing the short form (blog), and long form (guides, white papers, and blueprints), while keeping it all rooted in what the leading API providers, and ultimately the people behind them are doing on the ground. With this in mind, you will find more areas of my research, providing links to people actually doing these things in the field, and you will also hear more about the conversations I am having with these people as they execute their craft.

As always, if you, or your company is doing something interesting in these areas, let me know—if you are an individual looking to freelance in these ares, or build a consultancy delivering services in these areas, let me know. I can’t guarantee I’ll include you in my research, but if you are doing interesting things, you’ll stand out, and I’m sure I can find some way to showcase your work in a way that helps you, me, and the wider API space. Also, if you need help with a project in one of these areas, feel free to reach out, and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.