Weekly API.Report For March 30th, 2015

I swear 3D Printing is continuing to cross over in some interesting ways:

Interesting week for acquisitions in my opinion:

Seems like agriculture is a continuing trend:

Several diverse areas within analytics caught my attention:

Some API aggregation tidbits:

Helpful API debugging assistance from Splunk:

Big shifts in the world of API definitions:

Some API deployment advice from this week:

Valuable API design from this week:

Keeping developers up to speed with a little API evangelism:

Some API events activity (mostly from my events ;-)

Great API lifecycle guidance out of Nordic APIs:

  • The Entire API Lifecycle - I think I'm going to break these lifecycle discussions into their own area. Normally I put under business of APIs, but recently some of the conversation is elevating way beyond just business.

Lots to highlight from API management this week:

Also some interesting API monetization chatter:

Some good API monitoring leads from this week:

I am not the only one busting out the good API news:

API performance is something I'll be breaking out more as well:

Big moves fro Talend in the area of API reciprocity, and I guess cloud storage:

Like seeing talk on API stability:

Previoius weeks have been a lot of talk by me, but this wee there were two amazing visualization discussions:

Two interesting authentication pieces: 

Thoughts on automobiles:

The banking chatter I felt worthy of higlighting:

I am tracking more on blockchain now too:

Bots can be fun to throw in as well:

Browser APIs are normal, but I'm keeping a closer eye on to educate myself:

The infamous area called the business of APIs:

Oh the magic of cameras with IPs:

Two API career paths to highlight this week:

From the city government front:

Hard to tell who is winning when it comes to cloud computing:

Some interesting cloud storage specific items too:

Have to look at comments out of Facebook:

Ony a handful container related stories this week:

I will try to push more content to Tumblr as part of my evangelism work:

A single conversion story to share:

  • Parsing EDI to XML (and vice verse) - I was doing some Swagger conversion tools, and came across this simultaneously doing my monitoring. figured it was interesting enough to track on for future reference.

Paying our respects to cURL:

At the cybersecurity front:

Data is always a big thing:

The conversation around the data center continues to grow:

Two database items caught my attention:

Couple of deprecation items flagged as part of story:

Devops creeping into the mix:

And like that, drones are on the menu:

I'm hoping for a lot more election data and API activity in the future:

An interesting email integration between platforms I track on:

The coverage of embeddable comments at Reddit:

Encryption love from aWS:

Some great energy stories this week:

Focus on the enterprise:

The super fun area of facial recognition:

The news worth discussing out of the federal government:

Three things caught my eye in the financial space:

Look fitness from the gaming console!

Hackathon news that makes me happy:

Some of it is more IoT than healthcare, but still pretty robust this week:

A single, very cool hotel related story this week:

IDE space is coming into focus when it comes to APIs:

Good ideas are contagious in the API space:

Keeping an eye on the international picture:

  • Data Protection Around the World - More great stuff coming out of DataSift, and this time an important international view of things. Something we are going to need to be more educated on.

The always active Internet of Things (IoT):

Investment blips on the radar:

An important discussion about the legal system in our country:

Libraries stories are the best:

Location is critical:

Pulling back the machine learning curtain:

Some mapping activity I followed this week:

Media is one area Microsoft is kicking butt in:

Mostly about Facebook messaging, but a handful of stories from the week:

The always fun microservices conversation(s):

Mobile chatter:

Museums stories too!

Love this music item this week:

Two new APIs to highlight:

From the mainstream news space:

Telling partners is critical to the space going round:

Some good, some weird patent news:

Strong week for payments:

No really API, but photos are key to what I do:

Interesting police stories this week:

Several fronts from world of politics:

Stories from the Politics of APIs:

A lone printing story:

Lots of privacy chatter to discuss:

Some more protection stories this week:

Two real-time thoughts from the week:

The area of Reclaim Your Domain is an area I showcase much, but track on all the time:

An eye on regulation:

API providers, make sure and provide resources like a calendar of events:

A fat SDK section this week:

Lots more security news, as expected:

Semantics isn't something you see often in my coverage:

I track on sensors, or they'll track on me:

Can't tell whether this is a thing, or anti smart meter propaganda:

  • Smart meters – not so smart - An interesting take on smart meters not working, and biggest the first casualty of IoT hype. Not sure I subscribe to everything that he lays out, but definitely think we should be skeptical. I will keep an eye out for other examples supporting or against these thoughts.

Some interesting spreadsheets related items to discuss:

Yes, some state government news I can showcase:

Couple of transparency items that caught my attention:

Obligatory Transportation story:

Showcase the two-factor authentication so it becomes widespread:

Video talk from several of the big API players I track on:

Hacking the wearables this week: