Build Some APIs With Restlet And API Evangelist During The Summer of APIs

I am partnering with the Restlet team to put on a Summer of APIs, a virtual API challenge. The goal with this summer program isn't to build apps on top of APIs, but build APIs that anyone can use, by crunching some valuable information resource, and make it easier to use in web and mobile, as well as potentially in embeddable tools, and even in spreadsheets--using APIs.

I've gathered up some valuable sources of data, ranging from industry datasets from in Washington DC to data sets that can help us with the water crisis out in California, which is included in detail about the program. I did a little homework for you, but dont' feel like you have to stop there, you can make any data, content, or other digital resource into an API during the Summer of APIs.

With the summer of APIs we want bring awareness to the API design, deployment, and management tools that Restlet brings to the table, but we also want to increase the number of valuable APis out there, and potentially make a bigger impact. You'd be surprised how the right access to election data could shift an election, or the availability of health inspection data could save lives--so put some thought into the change you'd like to see.

The Summer of APIs is not just for developers. Using Restlets API Spark platform, just about anyone can design, deploy, and manage APIs--without knowing how to program. All you need is a healthy curiosity about how to work with data, and make the time to learn the API Spark interface which walks you through everything you'll need to import the data, develop the APIs, and manage them. It doesn't hurt to have some coding expertise, but not a requirement.

Head over to the Restlet Summer of Code website for all the details. If you need ideas for projects, feel free to tweet at me (@kinlane)--I have lots of ideas to share! I look forward to reviewing your projects this fall, and see the valuable APIs you bring to the table. Thanks for getting involved, and working to make change through APIs with Restlet and API Evangelist.