Intuit Baked Their itDuzzit Acquisition Into Their Platform And Are Calling It Intuit AppConnect

I wrote about Intuit's acquisition of API reciprocity provider itDuzzit last summer, and earlier this month they made the acquired technology available as a new platform extension, they are calling Intuit AppConnect Beta. I have been tracking on API reciprocity providers for some time now, something you see API providers adopting at an increasing rate, as a standard building block for their API ecosystems.

API reciprocity tools and services like Intuit AppConnect, help connect APIs, in ways that even non-developers can take advantage of, making the overall API conversation, available to a much wider audience. Intuit describes their new offerings as:

Intuit AppConnect is an iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) offering that runs wholly on Intuit’s AWS stack. With Intuit AppConnect, 3rd-party developers have a faster, simpler way to create integrations between their apps and QuickBooks Online – without needing to cut or deploy code, and without writing directly to APIs that might change over time.

iPaaS is a huge growth area for the API industry. I choose to call this layer of the API world, API reciprocity, because if you don't make the approach about ALL parties involved, the platform, developer, and the end-user--it is just yet another IT effort. iPaaS is just the next step of ETL, where we move bits and bytes around online in the cloud as opposed to the corporate network. API reciprocity is doing this, but remembers those bits and bytes you are moving around, mean something to every human and business or organization involved.

As I stated in last summer's post about Intuit's acquisition, API reciprocity is increasingly important for API providers who are looking to reach a wider business audience, elevating an API platform from just a developer thing, to a business thing--something that is essential to Intuit's small business audience. API providers who don't have the resources that Intuit possess can use popular iPaaS / reciprocity providers like Zapier, which is something I'm seeing become more common place--take a look at this last weeks APi.Report (search for API Reciprocity).

I'll keep an eye on the Intuit AppConnect program, and also look out for other large, and small API platforms who are doing similar things. As more tech savvy business users realize the potential of API reciprocity services like Zapier, IFTTT, and others, the importance of these integration tools and service will only increase for the average API provider, and consumer.