I Depend On All Of You To Help Me Make Sure API Evangelist Is Complete

All of my public web sites, research projects, API portals, and micro apps run on Github Pages, which means there is always a Github repository behind each website. I'd say 75% of my projects have a publicly available master repo, as well as a publicly available gh-pages repo. This approach to running public infrastructure, i feel does one important thing--it opens up all of my work for community contributions.

Beyond just accepting outside contributions, there are many other secondary effects to this way of operation. The first is that anyone can submit blog posts, pages, and any other data or content they desire. The second is that anyone can fix or correct anything you find across my network of sites and apps. Some of my favoritest grammar and spelling trolls in the world, have forked, and submitted pull requests to help edit my work. :-) <3

I have had other grammar trolls who laugh at me when I suggest the fact that they can edit my work. I know that most of it is centered around insecurity in understanding Github, and Jekyll, but they also think it is ridiculous that I wouldn't polish my work, let alone ask others to do it for free. i mean c'mon!!

The API Evangelist network is an open workbench for the API space. I actively work here, to curate information, data, and content that is relevant to the space. If you see something missing, you can add it. If you see a typo, or grammar hiccup, you can correct. Remember the API space is yours too, and it is what we make it.

Thanks for your contributions--I depend on all of you to help me make sure API Evangelist is complete.