The Window To The API Economy For Everybody Else

API Evangelist has always been about helping on-board the masses with concepts involving APIs, something that takes a lot of work, because more often than not, an API is a very abstract concept, far removed from the everyday lives of normal people. When services like Zapier launched, I became very optimistic about how APIs can be put to work by the average individual, and today my optimism went up another notch, with the redesign of Blockspring.

The Blockspring home page image says it all in my opinion--valuable API resources, neatly available in Google Sheets, and Excel on the desktop, and in the Cloud with Office 365:

This is it! This is the window to the API economy that will be required to take things to the next level. Most of the worlds business is conducted through this interface, without drag and drop access to valuable API resources, the API economy is a non-starter.

I've been tracking on Blockspring for a while, and have been working with them to define machine readable API definitions in Swagger that they can use in their spreadsheet connector(s). However their site redesign really struck a chord with me when it comes to the API Evangelist mission, something I wanted to take a moment to share.