API Usability Course at Carnegie Mellon

I am accumulating more references to API goodness from across Universities, as part of my APIs in higher education research. The more I monitor, the more I find, this is how the API monitoring game works. Unfortunately there is no silver bullet for finding APIs, and related resources, it takes going out and finding it--while also having an eye for what to look for.

One thing I found recently was an API usability course from Carnegie Mellon. The material is a little bit dated, not reflecting API design used in modern efforts, but it is still good to see something like this as part of university curriculum. There are also some good references there, I will be borrowing from. 

In addition to seeing more standardized blueprints emerge regarding how campus IT should approach their API efforts, I'd like to see more standardized curriculum emerge that teachers can use in the classroom. I'd also like to see material emerge that isn't just for developers, helping anyone on-board with the concept of APIs, all the way to helping students better design APIs.

Lots to keep an eye on when it comes to APIs on campus. Stay tuned.