Submit Your Ideas For Talks At APIStrat Austin This November

We are picking up momentum on our way to the APIStrat conference this November 18-20th in Austin, TX. The call for papers is now open, and we are looking to hear your ideas for what the session discussions should be. APIStrat is all about discussing the most pressing topics in the space, while also revisiting some of the cornerstone's of API operations, for those just entering the space.

If you aren't familiar with the tone of the conversation APIStrat, we are looking for a diverse range of speakers, from many different industries, to share their API stories, avoiding the usual product or company pitches. We want you to focus on the honest stories from your own API experience, in a way that the 400 attendees can take home to apply in their own operations.

We have seeded the call for papers with some topic ideas, if you need help. Feel free to reach out to me personally, if you need any guidance--it is important to me that we have the best talks possible. We entertain any submission, but are looking for ideas that really push the conversation forward, and will benefit the entire community. 

Thanks for your submission, and I look forward to seeing you in Austin, TX this November.