Influencing Important Work Like the UK Open Banking API Standard Is Why I Do This

I enjoy what I do, but when I embarked on my API Evangelist journey in 2010, I set myself on a mission to educate people about the business of APIs, and highlight that it isn't just the technology that makes APIs a thing. I have worked hard to distill down what it takes to execute an effective API management strategy into usable advice that anyone can run with when crafting an API strategy.

As I conduct my monitoring of the API space, It makes me feel accomplished, when I find my work cited, influencing important API related projects. This just occurred to me as I was taking a fresh look at the Data Sharing and Open Data for Banks, published by the HM Treasury and Cabinet Office in the United Kingdom. As I was reviewing the document I happened to search for apievangelist (I know, I'm vain)--I was pleased to find a single citation to my work.

Reference 152 - Thirdly, making the most out of external APIs involves providing on-going support to the developers and third party organisations that make use of them. Good API management can involve providing samples of code, a curated support forum, a sandpit with dummy data, an up to date blog, FAQs and more.

It isn't much, but it is a nod to my work, that helps validate what I've been studying for the last five years--the business of APIs. For me, this isn't about recognition, its about knowing I'm making an impact, and I'm influencing policy, and helping companies, institutions, and government agencies understand API best practices. Little mission accomplished, I'm contributing a small piece to potentially improving the UK banking system, which is something that will undoubtedly spread beyond just England.

Ok, celebration is over. Nice job Kin. Back to work. There is too much to be done.