Catching My Breath On My API Monetization Ramblings Before I Enter Into Some New Conversations

I have two more conversations kicking off on the topic of API monetization, so I just needed to take a moment to gather up the last wave of posts on the subject, catch my breath, and refresh my overall thoughts in the area. What I really like about this latest wave, is that they are about providing much needed funding for some potentially very important API driven resources. Another thing is that they are pretty complicated, unproven approaches to monetizing APIs--breaking ground!!

Over the last couple weeks, I have be engaged in four specific conversations that have shifted my gaze to the area of API monetization:

  • - Talking with the PopupArchive team about making money around podcast search APIs.
  • Department of Interior - Providing feedback on the Recreation Information Database (RIDB) API initiative.
  • Caltech Wormbase - Helping organize a grant effort to fund the next generation of research, from Wormbase, and other scientific database.
  • HDScores - Mapping out how HDScores is funding the efforts around aggregating restaurant inspection data into a single, clean API.

 As I think through the approaches above, I'm pushed to exercise what I can from these discussions, on my own infrastructure:

  • My API Monetization - As I look to add more APIs to my stack, I'm being forced to clearly define all the moving parts of my API monetization strategy.
  • Blockchain Delusions - While thinking again about my API pricing and credit layer, I'm left thinking about how the blockchain can be applied to API monetization.

The API Evangelist network is my research notebook. I search, re-read, and refine all the thoughts curated, and published here. It helps me to aggregate areas of my research, especially in the fast moving areas, where I am receiving the most requests for assistance. Not only does it refresh my memory of what the hell I've written in the last couple weeks, I also hope it gives you a nice executive summary in case you missed anything.

If you are looking for assistance in developing your API monetization strategy, or have your own stories you'd like to share, let me know. If you have any feedback on my stories, including feedback for the folks I'm talking to, as well as items missing from my own API monetization approach, or blockchain delusions--let me know!