When Are We Going To Get A Save As JSON In Our Spreadsheets?

My last rant of the evening, I promise. Then I will shut up and move back to actual work instead of telling stories. I'm working on my Adopta.Agency project, processing a pretty robust spreadsheet of Department of Veterans Affairs expenditures by state. As I'm working to convert yet another spreadsheet to CSV, and then to JSON, and publish to Github, I can't help but think, "where is the save as JSON" in Microsoft or Google Spreadsheets?

I can easily write scripts to help me do this, but I'm trying to keep the process as close to what the average person, who will be adopting a government agency data set, will experience. I could build a tool that they could also use, but I really want to keep the tools required for the work as minimal as possible. 

It would just be easier if Microsoft and Google would get with the program, and give us a built in feature for saving our spreadsheets as JSON.