A Data Migration Tool To Help You Import, Export, and Sync Your Data In The Cloud

The Element Loader from API service provider Cloud Elements came across my monitoring this week, providing a configurable JavaScript application that help simplify data migration, allowing you to move content and data between cloud platforms, by putting their APIs to work.

The Element Loader is interesting to me as an evolution to the concept of what I’ve long called API reciprocity, where companies like Zapier allows you to migrate your bits and bytes between the platforms we are all increasingly finding ourselves dependent on.

I think Cloud Elements is moving the needle forward just a bit, by formalizing a tool that is dedicated to real-time sync, between the platforms you depend on. You can accomplish similar things with Zapier, but I think looking at it purely about sync of specific life bits (objects) can be a very valuable exercise. 

I have been calling this reclaim your domain for a couple years now, where I think the process of identifying the services we depend on is extremely valuable, and one where establishing a plan for how your bits and bytes work in concert, really pushes things into the realm of actually healthy IT operations--for both individuals and businesses.

I do not have my world synced. My contacts on Google, LinkedIn, and other platforms are totally out of sync, and my documents are spread between Google, Amazon, and Dropbox, without any coherency at all. Don’t get me started on my images. This is a real problem, that is only growing, and a segment where I'd like to see more solutions like Element Loader emerge.

I’ll start tracking on reciprocity providers like Cloud Elements who are doing specific things like sync, which will become one of the common building blocks I’ll add to my research when I get the time to update. Hopefully I will find some more time soon to take a deeper look at my my API automation and interoperability research--it has been a while.