Adding A Page To My Research For Tracking On Swagger Extensions

I have a research project dedicated to trying to understand al things Swagger. I try to add any new research, or tooling there when I can. The latest thing I added was a page to list out Swagger extensions that I find in the wild.

I knew Apigee has extended Swagger in some interesting ways, but I was coming across other interesting examples, and want to try and aggregate into a single location, so that others can reference and build upon. 

There is now an extensions page on my Swagger research. I have added APIMATIC's x-codegen-settings, a couple from Apigee to kick things off. If you know of any interesting examples of Swagger extension, please let me know via the project's Github issues, or feel free to fork the project and add to the extensions page using the _config.yml file for the Github project, they are stored as a YAML collection.

Hopefully we can start centralizing all the innovative extensions of Swagger into a single location, helping us all not re-invent the wheel when it comes to extending the popular API definition format, affectionately known as Swagger.