The Marketing in the API Space Session at @APIStrat Austin Next Month

Marketing your products and services in the API sector can often look very different than marketing of products and services in other sectors. Developers are a very different target audience, and to make things even more complicated, not all developers are created equal! Open developer are not like the enterprise developer, and healthcare developers won't have much in common with device-based, Internet of Things developers. 

How to market your API has been a session at every APIStrat since we did the first conference in New York City back in February of 2013, and we just announced the latest edition of marketing for APIs at @APIStrat in Austin in November. Here is the lineup we have for this round:

Thursday Bram Urgency Inc.

Thursday Bram (@thursdayb)

Urgency Inc.

Matt Gordon Expected Behavior

Matt Gordon (@esquivalient)

Expected Behavior

Adam Duvander

Adam Duvander (@adamd)

Kristen Womack LeadPages

Kristen Womack (@kristen_womack)


With the session being chaired by:

Jennifer Lankford Crowd Supply, Inc. <br />(Session Chair) Jennifer Lankford (@jenlankford)

Crowd Supply, Inc. 

(Session Chair)

The marketing session at @APIStrat is one of the tracks that is meant for API users of all types, from business to developer, and is something that should be attended whether you are at a startup, or leading things in the enterprise. 

There is less than a month left before @APIStrat Austin 2015, so make sure and get registered before tickets are sold out. There are also still a couple of keynotes left to announce, so stay tuned for some last minute highlights.

We'll see you in Austin, November 18th, 19th, and 20th.