I Am Pumped for Two Upcoming Keynotes at DefragCon and APIStrat in November

I am keynoting APIStrat in Austin next month, and it is a big deal for me. Ok, its my event, and I probably shouldn't be that excited, but it is the first time I've ever keynoted it. ;-) It is the sixth edition of APIStrat, and Steve asked if I wanted to keynote, which I dismissed because it seemed too ego, but when he pushed back, I realized that I would be stoked to keynote.

I'm excited about the preparation for the talk, and trying to think about how I can incorporate my research, and working API operations into it. I'm also keynoting Defrag the week before, so both my keynotes will march in lockstep. They won't be the same keynote, but they will reflect what I'm seeing across the API space right now, allowing me to use both venues as vehhicle to move my research forward. 

My Defrag talk is titled, "The 17 Stops Along The Modern API Lifecycle", which I'm guessing will grow as I prepare both these talks, but it will also be the same core theme of my APIStrat keynote. Over the last five years, the API space has been slowly coming into focus for me, and in 2015 I feel like I'm really starting to see some coherency in how things are working together, making for a clearer API life-cycle for me to reference.

Storytelling on my blog helps me work through my ideas, and doing it on stage at Defrag and APIStrat will help me organize them in a way that can benefit the entire API community. I haven't been this excited about two talks in a while, and I'm looking forward to sharing where my research has gone in 2015, on stage at two conferences I really enjoy supporting.

See you in Broomfield and Austin folks!