Learning About APIs From @darrel_miller And @gblock With In The Mood For HTTP

As you probably know, I'm always up for learning about APIs, so when @Darrel_Miller and @GBlock started doing their In the Mood for HTTP podcast, I was all in. Both Darrel and Glenn are API experts, and respected leaders in the space, but more importantly both of them are super nice guys, and reflect a tone I love to experience and support across the API space.

The format for In The Mood For HTTP is simple. The audience asks questions, and Darrel and Glenn discuss. They are both very graceful in how they answer questions, extremely knowledgeable on the subjects at hand, but they are also very opinionated, and they don't always agree--the exchange between them is educational, and very benefitial to the wider API community.

The API duo has quickly produced three episodes. I am listening to episode three as I write this post. My only critique of the podcast is I'd like to see better indexing of the episodes, with easy text version of the questions, and a link to that specific time in the Youtube videos. I'd love to have a library of these organized in a sort of API FAQ, that I can share with my readers, and reference throughout my storytelling.

I'm going to explore how I can get more involved, and provide some questions, and help drive their conversations. I've enjoyed doing this with Traffic and Weather, and other API related podcasts that have emerged. On this note, I encourage anyone to create their own podcast in the space, and explore finding your voice when it comes to conversations in the API space. I know many voices across the space, who I hear at API conferences like @APIStrat and @APIDaysGlobal, which I'd like to hear in more real-time, as Darrel and Glenn are doing--if you do, I'll help support!

Keep up the good work you guys!