The 30 Areas I Am Working To Define In The API Space

When I started API Evangelist in 2010, I tracked on one area--API management. Over the years this expanding to be about API deploy, and design, and most recently monitoring and discovery. As I approach the end of 2015, I've expanding this to be 30 separate areas of research.

I have almost 200 projects I'm pushing forward in one way or another, but these 30 years reflect the API space I am working so hard to make sense of in 2015. While all of my research is a work in progress, I have these core projects as part of my regular monitoring, and I will be updating as much as possible.

While this may seem like a lot of areas to keep track of, I'm finding it easier and easier to do, as it all continues to come into focus for me. I also have other research areas I'd like to merge in here, and maybe some other areas I'd like to to migrate out of existing research, into new areas.

As I'm preparing for my keynotes at Defrag in Colorado, and APIStrat in Austin this month, I'm refreshing all of my research, and trying to use my work to craft a hopefully interesting talk, while also sharing some nuggets of wisdom from the vantage point I enjoy.

All of my research is licensed CC-BY, is machine readable by default, and runs on Github, so if you have any questions you can submit an issue, or ping me directly. If you are feeling adventurous you are also welcome to fork any of my work and incorporate it with your own work, or even submit a pull request and contribute your own thoughts to my research.

As always you can find this working list of research on my the home page of API Evangelist--thanks for tuning in!