Making Sure Everything You Offer As An API Service Provider Is Portable

Runscope added the ability to import and export your API tests as JSON, helping make API monitoring a much more flexible and portable thing. You can import and export using the Runscope UI, as well as import via their API, help you automate the setup of your API tests. 

I judge API service providers based upon whether they have an API, and I am increasingly encouraging my readers to do the same. I will also be studying the portability of services that are being sold to API providers, and pushing for more import / export features like Runscope offers.

I will be tracking on the API definitions used by service providers like Runscope, across the 26+ areas I monitor, and trying to better understand the JSON schemas they are using to encourage the portability of their services. The API definition, response, and request models put forth by companies, tells a lot about the service they offer in my opinion, and I'd say the overall portability of services is another strong characteristics I will be keeping an eye out for.