Using The Wikimedia Objective Revision Evaluation Service And Move Beyond Just GET With Your API

I stumbled across Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES) last night, a web service running in Wikimedia Labs that provides machine learning as a service across Wikimedia Projects, and is designed to help automate vandalism detection and removal for content, being developed as part of the R:Revision scoring as a service project.

As I came across, I was also considering different access plans across my APIs, with some of the plans allowing for updating existing content in the system--the topic of abuse of API access was on my mind. I'm curious if ORES could be applied to any sort of content or data post via a PUT / PATCH API request?

Even if it didn't 100% out of the repo, maybe it could it be evolved to help manage the PUT / PATCH layer of API operations, allowing platforms to open up a little bit more, and open up more of their HTTP verbs, to a wider audience. Something like this could go a long way to helping API providers secure, and stabilize their API operations, and loosen service composition restrictions a little further.

Just a thought, as I'm kicking the tires of some of the open source API offerings I come across. Seems like to me, there is an opportunity for someone to deploy these open solutions as a service, and help API providers open up a little more. Just sharing with my audience, as a possible service that would benefit the API space, and hopefully make someone a little beer money--who knows!