Where Is The API Reciprocity Platform Designed Just For Managing API Operations

I am seeing more operations focused API tooling emerge lately, like Stoplight.io, and as I'm adding API reciprocity platform DataFire to my list of integration, automation, and interoperability providers, I'm asking myself -- where is the API reciprocity platform designed specifically for managing API operations?

I am talking about the Zapier, but just for API providers and consumers. With Datafire, I see things have a little more business and operations edge, than I've seen from more consumer offerings like Zapier. What I am hoping for, is someone to build a platform that lets you automate, integrate, and orchestrate all of your API focused operational needs across the cloud.

This new platform will automatically setup monitoring using API Science or Runscope, when a new containerized microservice fires up. I could have recipes for automatically registering public APIs.json indexes, with APIs.io, the open source API search engine. Whenever a new developer registers via my 3Scale API infrastructure, I could profile them on FullContact, and queue up their Twitter, LinkedIn, and Github profiles for me to engage with as part of my evangelism efforts.

I could go on and on, regarding tasks that I need automated across my API operations, and about how the services that I employ are providing me with APIs to manage things. All of this is making the potential for integration, interoperability, automation, transformation, and most importantly reciprocity within my API operations increase pretty dramatically. Hopefully someone will follow the lead of Zapier, and newer offerings like DataFire, and bring a solution to the table that will help alleviate some of the challenges we face daily, in the operations of our APIs.