Adding Journeys To Each Of My API Research Areas

I am continuing to build on the subway map exploration work, that I talked about at @Defrag and @APIStrat last month, and have a more static version of my API life cycle explorer ready, which I'm simply calling the API journey. I have only rolled this out for my API plans research, but so far I'm happy with the results, something that shouldn't be too difficult to light up for the other 30+ areas I'm researching.

There is quite of bit of research that goes into the work that I publish, and the subway analogy is allowing me to share more it, making more parts of it more accessible, in ways I was never able to before. Currently you can take the journey through each of the stops along the API plans portion of my research, and learn about in details about some of the common patterns I'm seeing across the space.

For each stop I provide a title, and description for the stop, but if I have related organizations, tools, links, and even specific APIs or questions to ask at this stop in the life cycle for any API. My goal is to take the building blocks from leading API platforms, and the features offered by companies offering services to the space, and make accessible to anyone who wants to learn for their own operations.

The narrative for my API plans journey isn't 100% there, and some of the stops are lacking in description, as well as related organizations, tools, and other links. However it gives me an excellent framework to further flush out my research, while also sharing it with my readers, in a potentially interactive way. Eventually I'd like for you to be able to actually select the pieces that are important to you, and save it as a customized list at the end--soon!

For now, it is helping me flush out the narrative around my research, and connect the dots a little more, when it comes to relationships within. All of this will contribute to the overall subway experience I am playing with. Soon, I want will be connecting up different stops, with the other related stops on other lines within the life cycle. If I talk about virtualization in my API plans research, it should link to the related area, or stop on the API virtualization research line--soon!

Anyways. I will fire up the journeys for each of the other 30 research areas over the next couple days. Then I will work to make sure the narratives are a little more coherent, and show as much of the research behind as I can, at each stop along the way. Oh, another thing. Right now I have a complete journey, I am playing with an essential version, as well as dimensions that focus on the technical, business, or political stops along the life cycle. 

I am curious to see what this looks like when applied tomy other areas of research, like API management, or maybe API design.