Offering A Monthly To Annual Toggle For Your API Pricing Page

I am continuing to work through notes from a recent push forward of my API monetization, and API plan research. Something that yielded a number of valuable nuggets  that I think API providers should be considering when crafting their own strategy. One of the pricing pages I was looking at as part of my research, was from authentication provider Auth0, which provided a nice way for allowing their customers to toggle between monthly or annual pricing.

I organize small elements like this, into my lists of common API building blocks, which help API providers, and API service providers, with a list of things they can consider applying in their own strategies. I like the approach from Auth0 especially, because the toggle actually changes the plan pricing on the page, reflecting the shorter, or longer term costs associated with their authentication services.

Whether your intent is to offer price breaks for longer term relationships, or helping your customers better understand and manage their costs, a simple thing like a time-frame toggle, that adjusts pricing, could make a positive impact. Anyhoo, I just wanted to share this nugget with you, as I was adding it as a building block to my API plan research.