Looking For Partners At Every Turn When Planning Your API Evangelism

One reason for having a well thought out, comprehensive API strategy, is that you are thinking about all the moving parts, and at ever turn you can weave things together, and potentially amplify the forward motion of your API operations. With every new release you should be considering all other areas of your API strategy, how you can include your API consumers, your partners, and where all of the opportunities lie when it comes to evangelism, and storytelling.

This approach was present in the latest release from Postman, with the release of their Run in Postman, embeddable button. As part of the release of the new embeddable button for their API client tooling, Postman also made a call for partners. It was a savvy marketing technique to reach out to partners like this, something that will not just generate implementations in the wild, but will also establish new partnerships, strengthen existing ones, while also generating new blog posts, and press releases around API platform operations.

When it comes to the API Evangelist operations, the approach by Postman is gold--when I consider across many areas of my own strategy. Postman is showcased as part of my API client research, their product release exists within my embeddable API research, and also lives within my API evangelism and API partners research. The moral of this story is Postman thought across their strategy when crafting the release strategy for their new feature, and I also put in similiar thoughts across my own strategy while reading their blog post, giving us both an opportunity for establishing biggest bang possible, around a single API platform release.